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Spa Body Treatments

Spa Body Treatments is a rare beauty to restore balance to body, mind, and soul with finely crafted and freshly prepared with botanical treatment. From the stimulating effects of natural salt exfoliations to the purifying benefits of marine algae’s and rich thermal muds, our body treatment selection offers you the perfect blend of nourishment and nurture.

Spa Body Treatments – Take The Spa Journey Into Purification & Beauty Experience.


Other Treatments

Spa – Salus per Aqua – Health through Water. The Romans already knew that water was the secret to vitality and blooming youth. Buddhist cults believe in four-element, a harmony principle of life; they are earth, fire, wind, and water. Mudita Spa @Borei Angkor concentrated therapeutic mineral bath helps to refresh, energize and detoxify the body and mind relaxation. KERSTIN FLORIAN BODY BATH EXPERIENCE

Sensual Milk And Honey Bath 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Invigorating Bath 90min = USD55 BOOK NOW
Purifying Aromatic Bath 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Herbal Mineral Salt Eucalytus Bath 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Herbal Remedy Bath 45min = USD60 BOOK NOW
East & West Professional skin care facial of Kerstine Florian product contains 100% natural and active ingredients, exceptional botanicals, and synergic blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils. ORGANIC REGENERATING TREATMENT

Hot Stone Anti-Stress Treatment 60min = USD50 BOOK NOW
Organic Regenerating Treatment 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Customized Deep Cleansing Facial 60min = USD60 BOOK NOW


Kfi-Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial 75min = USD65 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Organic Aromatherapy Facial 60min = USD60 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Correcting Detox Facial 60min = USD65 BOOK NOW
We have created treatment ritual-ceremonials for the beauty and wellbeing of the hands and feet. Be Karuna “compassion” in having healthy feet is vital for your overall health, they are our foundation, and you can achieve or maintain healthy feet by caring of them in a regular basis. Regular care will help you avoid future problems, which is why Mudita Spa @Borei Angkor has created hands and feet rejuvenating treatment. • Medical approach: Eliminates any nail problem or thickening of the epidermis. • The beauty of the nails: Shape and homogeneity are restored. With a unique buffing the nail becomes naturally shiny, more than it would with a nail polish. Perfect for the professionalism of lifestyle! • A wellbeing sensation: Massage from the knee down to the toe. Immediate effect, perfect after plane sightseeing. HANDS & FEET REJUVENATION TREATMENTS

Express Pedicure 45min = USD30 BOOK NOW
Express Manicure 45min = USD25 BOOK NOW
Organic Signature Invigorating Citrus Pedicure 60min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Organic Anti-Fungal Pedicure 60min = USD40 BOOK NOW


Spa Hands Treatment 60min = USD45 BOOK NOW

Waxing In this method of hair removal, cold or warm wax is applied to the skin and strips of cloth are placed on top of the wax. After a few seconds (once the wax has adhered to the skin), the cloth is pulled off, taking the wax and the unwanted hair with it. Many find that hair grows finer and sparser over time and waxing becomes easier.

Bikini USD35
Half Legs to Knees USD20
Half Legs & Bikini USD40
Half Upper Legs USD23
Full Legs USD33
Full Legs & Bikini USD50
Lips USD10
Chin USD15
Side of Face USD25
Lips & Chin USD20
Lips, Chin & Side of Face USD30
Underarm Wax USD15
Half Arms Wax USD15
Full Arms Wax USD30
Male Preference
Chest USD25
Tummy USD25
Chest & Tummy USD35
Shoulders USD18
Full Back USD55
Half Back USD35
Hair spa treatments help you to overcome these problems. The complete process rejuvenates, relaxes, and conditions your hair and scalp. It is one of the best ways of maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your hair. It makes hair look attractive and brings a natural glow. Therefore, if you want a fabulous hairstyle, revamp, or makeover, hair spa treatments are the best way to go about it. HAIR SPA TREATMENT

Nourishment Hair Treatment 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Volumizing Hair Treatment 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW
Aromatic Scalp Treatment 45min = USD35 BOOK NOW
Stimulating Hair Growth Treatment 45min = USD40 BOOK NOW

Natural Hair Wash

Hair Shampoo & Blow Dry
Short hair 45min = USD25
Long hair 60min = USD35
Hair Dye Color
Male USD25
Female short hair USD30
Female long hair USD45

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